G-10: Graduation Minus 10 Days

So, finally it has started.  The final countdown.  Only 10 more days until I finished my undergraduate degree and graduate with a BA in International Relations.  It also means that I leave Sorengo, Switzerland: my home for the past four years.  So I want to document these last ten days of my undergraduate life.

Today was Thursday.  Unfortunately, I had stayed up quiet late to write some more on my thesis, so I overslept and missed my first class.  It was US Foreign Policy.  But I woke up in time to make it to my 11:30 French Translation class with Pauli and Greg.  The class wasn’t particularly interesting, since we had just turned in our final paper, so there wasn’t much to do.

From 12:45 to 14:30 I stayed in the library and worked some more on my thesis chapter.  Then I headed to Global History.  The professor wrapped up the class pretty nicely, and with that I was done with history classes for life.  Apart from the final which is on Monday, but I’m not counting that.  Class ended at 15:45 and I come home to Airone.

Today was a very sunny and hot day in Lugano.  After a week of rain, thunder, and hail I just hope that the weather holds out until the 20th.  That’s all that matters to be at this point.  Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy the weather too much, since I had to hurry home and write more.  I’m kinda behind in my thesis.  I’m supposed to turn in the penultimate copy tomorrow, but I don’t think it is going to happen.  This chapter on human rights theory was a lot more difficult to tackle than I imagined.  But I think I’ll finished it by tonight.  After which the rest of it will be remarkably easier to write.  Not much left now!


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