G-9: Graduation Minus 9 Days

Today was a repeat of yesterday in a way.  I went to bed around 04:00 after more thesis work, nd woke up at 08:25, five minutes before my Theories of International Relations class was to start.  Needless to say, I was 15mins late to class.  This class is a 400-level class, and basically the last class you need for the IR major; therefore, there aren’t many people who enroll in the course.  Five to be more precise, including myself.  Therefore my tardiness was immediately noted, but at least I showed up.  Two of the other students never came to class, reducing the class size by 20%.  The professor was somewhat frustrated, and after a short presentation done by a student about their research paper (I did my presentation on Tuesday), we all went to the Grotto for coffee.

Afterwards, I didn’t even have time to acknowledge he fact that I had just completed the last class of my undergraduate studies because I had to go to work.  At 09:50 I started my shift at the main library on campus, which is in shambles with it being the end of the semester and all.  I placed cards in books until my shift ended at 12:00 and then ran over to reception for my other job.  An hour later my ‘professional’ obligations were over, and I returned to the library; only this time to work on my thesis.

My thesis has allowed me to find the perfect spot to do work.  Kind of like Sheldon from TBBT I have determined the perfect library location for work.  Large desk room, good outlets, you can observe every person in the library while no one really sees you at all, good cross-breeze, and not-visible by library staff. It’s perfect I tell you.

Anyways, I stayed there until I finished the chapter at 16:30 and then headed home.  I bought a freshly made hamburger from the store on the ground floor, and then spent the rest of my evening not really accomplishing the amount of work that I would have wanted.  (The theme of my week.)  Now it’s late and I’m not longer being productive.  I spent the last 30mins finding good dubstep music and watching gameplays of one of my favorite old PSP games: WipeOut Pure.

But now I wager that perhaps it would be more beneficial for me to go to sleep.  Especially, since Greg, Pauli, and I have made monumental plans for tomorrow morning!


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  1. Good Dubstep music is a contradiction in terms….

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