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EMLA: Los Angeles’ Dialect

EMLA – Emma Moved to Los Angeles

I knew that moving to LA would mean experiencing many differences in daily life.  But what I did not anticipate was what form these differences would take.  Apart from exchanging pine trees for palm trees, California has surprised me with it’s little differences.  It’s the little things that seem to obsess me most of all.

I don’t know if they are aware, but people in Los Angeles have their own dialect.  Words that they pronounce differently, and words that they seem to favor over others.  As an Alaskan, I stupidly thought that Spanish would be my undoing in LA not English.

Alaska vs. California/LA – English
Permit – Everyone I know in Alaska, pronounces permit (noun) and permit (verb) differently. The noun has the stress on the first syllable; and the verb on the last.  This is how one would make clear if the verb or the noun was being used.  In Los Angeles, both the noun and the verb have stresses on the last syllable; leaving me to think that people have not finished their sentences.
Market – In Los Angeles, market means grocery store.  Took me a little too long to decipher this one.  For me market means open-air, farmer’s market type shopping. So upon being asked “What markets do you usually go to?” I thought that I was meant to answer with the latest LA super trendy little-known farmer’s market location.  Nope. Ralph’s would have been acceptable.
Free-way – That’s what they have here, free-ways.  Not high-ways and I don’t know the difference.  And they all have there own numeric codes.  Which make getting directions akin to translating binary. “Take the 405 to the 105, then the 1-10 down to the 91.  If you hit the 5, you’ve gone too far.” Maybe I’ll stay home . . .
Transient – The word exclusively used for people who do not have a home and/or are asking for handouts.  Is Alaska to blunt for using “homeless” or “pan-handler”? Perhaps transient is a little more tactful, hopeful even.
Parkway – The little sliver of land between the sidewalk and the street.  Which is somehow the city’s land, yet you still have to mow and care for it.  Alaska is quite lacking in sidewalks, especially in residential areas.  And if there is a sidewalk it is right up against the street with no parkway.  But in many residential areas in LA it goes house/lawn, sidewalk, parkway, street.


Half Year Reboot 2015

As today is the start of the second half of 2015–and the fiscal year for all you accountants–I have decided in actually starting the ambicious online regimine that I have been thinking about for the past six months.  I call it ambicious, not because it is an undertaking, but because I know how hard it is for me to do things long-term.

My plan is as follows:
Mondays – Post about something that I created (food, craft, etc.)
Wednesdays – Post an EMLA observation
Thursdays – Post an episode review
Weekends/Holidays – Vlog and post summaries

The reason for this is three-fold: 1) My memory is crap; 2) I’m bored; 3) Maybe someone will find it interesting or at least noteworthy.  I hope to carry out this schedule for at least two months, but hopefully until the end of the year or further.

And let us begin . . .

Crabapple Jelly

In an unconscious attempt to add to my list of domestic hobbies I decided to learn how to make jelly this fall.  I picked some apples from my neighbor’s crabapple tree, and started boiling away like a crazy person.  Got some 40 half-pint jars of jelly in the end . . .

Crabapple Jelly Image


  • Crabapples
  • White sugar
  • Cheesecloth for draining fruit
  • Clean jars


1)      Prepare your apples by washing, removing the stems and cutting off the blossom ends. You can leave whole or cut in half.

2)      Place prepared apples into a large stock pot and add water, just until it covers the apples. Bring to a boil over high heat; then reduce heat and simmer without stirring for 10-15 minutes.

3)      When fruit is tender, pour into cheesecloth lined colander and leave to drain for 2-3 hours. RESIST THE URGE TO POKE, PRESS OR SQUEEZE the pulp to get more juice. It will make for a cloudy jelly.

a)      After pouring the clear juice into a bowl, squeeze the pulp in the cheesecloth to get out more juice.  This juice will yield cloudy jelly, but it is still good!  I prepared it separate from the clear juice.

4)      Measure out the amount of juice and make note of how many cups of juice you have.  Add the juice to a large pot and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to medium and simmer, stirring, for about 20 minutes, skimming off any foam, as necessary.

5)      Remove pot with apple juice from the heat. Stir in sugar (0.62 cups for every cup of juice) just until it is dissolved. Place the pot back on the heat and WITHOUT STIRRING, boil for 5-8 minutes, until jelly reaches 220°F.

6)      Ladle jelly into sterile jars, and use the water canning technique.

Adapted from:

G-4: Graduation Minus 4 Days

BAM. Finished my thesis! WHhoooo!

I wish I would have had about an extra week to finalize it, but I probably would have procrastinated just the same.

I didn’t have the energy this morning to wake up and work on my final thesis chapter, so I ended up sleeping until 11:00.  But seeing as I went to bed at 03:00, it wasn’t quite oversleeping. 

What is rather lame about going to school here is that during finals week, those of us who have jobs through the school still have to go to our jobs.  So we have to juggle work, school, and thesis.  Real life learning and such.  At 12:00 I went to my job at reception, and quickly got all my tasks done so that I could spend the rest of the hour quickly finishing my thesis.

It was finally completed today at 13:30, and I bound it and turned it in to my three professors.  I didn’t have much time to feel relieved since immediately afterwards I had to sit at the finals tables once again.  At 15:00 there was no more food to give away and I left.  After once again breaking into LDV to return the stuff, I went home.

Only to find an email in my inbox from my professor saying that the title page and the contents page needed reformatting in order to be to standards.  I scurried around both campuses grabbing the faulty thesis, printing the new pages, binding it once again, and then running to give it back to the professor.  I finally got home around 18:30 and now I am allowed to just chill.  I’ve been watching episodes of IQ; just relishing the fact that I have no more thesis to write.


G-5: Graduation Minus 5 Days

My plan of getting work done in the early morning failed miserably as I peacefully overslept until 08:00.  I managed to wake up and write a paragraph or two, and then left for my library shift at 10:00.  I tried to work during my shift as will but sadly not much was done.  Why can’t I just be done already?!

After my library shift, I had to go to my Reception shift at 12:00.  It hasn’t been hard to juggle work with school until now.  I just felt like I didn’t have time or the energy to deal with work when all I could think about was my thesis.  It didn’t help matters when at 13:30 I had to run over to the other campus to sit and guard the Finals tables.  (Finals tables are tables with free snacks sponsored by Student Government Association, of which I am a member.  My job was basically to sit at the table in order to make people feel too embarrassed to take all the snacks.  Kinda ridiculous.)  I sat at the table and worked on my damn thesis some more.  I was supposed to turn it in today, but that didn’t happen.  It will tomorrow though.

At 15:30 I packed up the tables, and then headed over to LDV were I was supposed ot drop off the stuff.  I haven’t been in LDV for four years, and it was odd to be back there.  I even had to break in through the common room like I used to freshman year.  I felt an odd sense of nostalgia being there, and even went to see the door to my old dormroom. 304.  I noticed in the entry way that they still had the rocks that we had painted during one of our first dorm events.  While it was kinds of stupid, it was cool to see that they were still there.  I had completely forgotten what I had painted, and it took me a while to recognize my rock, but it’s still there which made me feel important for some reason.

I creeped around LDV a little bit more and then headed over to the library to get some work done.  I worked until about 19:15 and then went home.  At 19:45 I had to go help out set up and run another SGA event.  It was an evening breakfast event, and we had to set up and start making the pancakes.  The event was a little chaotic due to a lack of planning and direction.  But the good thing is that I don’t think anyone noticed, and people seemed very pleased.  We invited three professors and the president to come and cook for the students.  It was entertaining and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Except maybe for those of us running it, since we were running around frantically, and in the end we didn’t really get anything to eat.  Oh well.  At least the student body was happy.

I just got back from the breakfast clean up and it’s already really late.  Must work on thesisssssss.  Must finish the stupid thing!

G-6: Graduation Minus 6 Days

So I have this habit of not wanting to sleep when I have things to be doing.  But not sleeping doesn’t increase my productivity really, well when it’s past 2 or so.  So I just end up depriving myself of sleep, when it probably would have been better for me just to go to bed at 23:00 and try to work in the morning.

Needless to say, I haven’t finished my thesis yet.  I have just a bit more to write, and it is the simplest part, but my brain is just done.  It doesn’t want to deal with this anymore.  Not really an option I’m afraid.  I woke up this morning at around 09:00, tried to write and then cram for my Global History final at 13:30.  I’m a little disappoint in myself.  All year I’d been really good about being prepared for my history class.  Doing all the readings, paying attention.  But the past two weeks or so I completely failed to do anything.  And to my disappointment, the final wasn’t as comprehensive as a would have hoped for.  The majority of the questions and essay topics were on the more recent material, so I’m not to happy with how I think I did.  However, it’s over and all I can do is wait for the grade to be posted in a week.

My muscles still are really sore from climbing the Monte Boglia on Saturday, but my toes seem to have healed and become normal shaped.

My parents came to the residence this morning, and dropped off a couple of things.  Although 2 out of 3 are rather useless:  (1) My mother bought the wrong prescription contact lenses for me so either I have to walk blindly across the stage at graduation or with glasses; (2) The inflatable mattress I needed for my visiting-Una doesn’t have its electric pump so I don’t know what to do; (3) Graduation shoes!

I know the shoes are rather ridiculous, but I really like them.  What do you think? ] I must learn to walk in them before graduation though, so I’m not that girl who trips and spectacularly falls when getting her diploma.

G-7: Graduation Minus 7 Days

Today was mountain recuperation and try to get work done day.

In the morning I went to the post office to pick up a registered letter that had come for me.  It was a graduation congratulatory card from my godmother. 🙂

I didn’t really progress much with my thesis.  I spent most of my day looking at the clock since my parents arrived in Switzerland today.  They came a week before graduation–I’m not sure why–and they arrived today at around 19:00.  Greg and Pauli came with me and we had dinner at a local restaurant.  The restaurant was rather poetic in a way.  Four years ago went my parents drove me here to Lugano to start my freshman year, we had trouble actually locating the campus.  We pulled into the parking lot of this restaurant and asked them for directions, not knowing that the school was across the street.  So now, four years later we are dining there; having learned something in a way.

The dinner wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be (or at least I didn’t think so), and we ate tons.  Pizza, pasta, fondue, and dessert.

We got back to the residence at 23:00 and now there is little time, or motivation, for me do too much studying for my Global History midterm in the morning or any thesis writing.  It kinda sucks.  I really wish everything in my life wasn’t piled on to this one week.   Sooooo stressful!  Half of it is my fault, but the other is just bad planning on the school’s part I think.

Urg,  Wish me luck on my final history exam tomorrow!

G-9: Graduation Minus 9 Days

Today was a repeat of yesterday in a way.  I went to bed around 04:00 after more thesis work, nd woke up at 08:25, five minutes before my Theories of International Relations class was to start.  Needless to say, I was 15mins late to class.  This class is a 400-level class, and basically the last class you need for the IR major; therefore, there aren’t many people who enroll in the course.  Five to be more precise, including myself.  Therefore my tardiness was immediately noted, but at least I showed up.  Two of the other students never came to class, reducing the class size by 20%.  The professor was somewhat frustrated, and after a short presentation done by a student about their research paper (I did my presentation on Tuesday), we all went to the Grotto for coffee.

Afterwards, I didn’t even have time to acknowledge he fact that I had just completed the last class of my undergraduate studies because I had to go to work.  At 09:50 I started my shift at the main library on campus, which is in shambles with it being the end of the semester and all.  I placed cards in books until my shift ended at 12:00 and then ran over to reception for my other job.  An hour later my ‘professional’ obligations were over, and I returned to the library; only this time to work on my thesis.

My thesis has allowed me to find the perfect spot to do work.  Kind of like Sheldon from TBBT I have determined the perfect library location for work.  Large desk room, good outlets, you can observe every person in the library while no one really sees you at all, good cross-breeze, and not-visible by library staff. It’s perfect I tell you.

Anyways, I stayed there until I finished the chapter at 16:30 and then headed home.  I bought a freshly made hamburger from the store on the ground floor, and then spent the rest of my evening not really accomplishing the amount of work that I would have wanted.  (The theme of my week.)  Now it’s late and I’m not longer being productive.  I spent the last 30mins finding good dubstep music and watching gameplays of one of my favorite old PSP games: WipeOut Pure.

But now I wager that perhaps it would be more beneficial for me to go to sleep.  Especially, since Greg, Pauli, and I have made monumental plans for tomorrow morning!

G-10: Graduation Minus 10 Days

So, finally it has started.  The final countdown.  Only 10 more days until I finished my undergraduate degree and graduate with a BA in International Relations.  It also means that I leave Sorengo, Switzerland: my home for the past four years.  So I want to document these last ten days of my undergraduate life.

Today was Thursday.  Unfortunately, I had stayed up quiet late to write some more on my thesis, so I overslept and missed my first class.  It was US Foreign Policy.  But I woke up in time to make it to my 11:30 French Translation class with Pauli and Greg.  The class wasn’t particularly interesting, since we had just turned in our final paper, so there wasn’t much to do.

From 12:45 to 14:30 I stayed in the library and worked some more on my thesis chapter.  Then I headed to Global History.  The professor wrapped up the class pretty nicely, and with that I was done with history classes for life.  Apart from the final which is on Monday, but I’m not counting that.  Class ended at 15:45 and I come home to Airone.

Today was a very sunny and hot day in Lugano.  After a week of rain, thunder, and hail I just hope that the weather holds out until the 20th.  That’s all that matters to be at this point.  Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy the weather too much, since I had to hurry home and write more.  I’m kinda behind in my thesis.  I’m supposed to turn in the penultimate copy tomorrow, but I don’t think it is going to happen.  This chapter on human rights theory was a lot more difficult to tackle than I imagined.  But I think I’ll finished it by tonight.  After which the rest of it will be remarkably easier to write.  Not much left now!

We The Kings in Eckbolsheim!

This weekend, Pauli and I did something a bit more outside the norm that we usually do on the weekend.  We decided to go to a concert festival in Eckbolsheim, France.  Since I’d never heard of Eckbolsheim, I expected it to be a barn in a field.  I was wrong.  I was a big orange barn in a field.  We went there to see We The Kings perform.  Pauli and I saw them in Milan about a month ago, but we wanted to see them again and hoped to meet them.

As the picture can show, we got to meet them!  I even got to meet Charles Trippy, who wasn’t at the Milano show because he had discovered a brain tumor.  But thankfully, his surgery went well and I was finally able to meet him: making me feel like all my time spent watching YouTube wasn’t really for no reason.

The band was really cool and Pauli and I had a great time.  It was so amazing that we are going to do it again next week, but this time in Zurich.

It’s hard for me to put into words what meeting Charles meant to me, without sounding creepy or strange.  It is just amazing that someone like that can be so nice and have such a great life.  It proved to me that you don’t have to be a dick to be successful.  And he also has such great people around him and in his life.  I just hope that I’ll be able to be so fortunate.

Check out my vlog from that day: