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Gardening, Preparation I

While I can’t plant anything just yet, I still find ways to fill my time with my new gardening hobby.

After avoiding it, I became a member of Pinterest and I have used that to give me more ideas about gardening.  (See when I pick up a hobby, I kinda obsessively think about it all the time.  And think of all the things I need to buy for it.)  After seeing this, this, and this post, I thought that it would be fun to try and make my own garden markers. I went for the rock garden markers since I figured buying a metal working tool just to do this would be costly.

Since rocks aren’t in playgrounds anymore, I was in the odd predicament of not knowing where to find flat rocks.  Buying rocks just seemed silly.  I’m sure there are some in my yard in the ground, but I wasn’t about to go dig some up.  The bike trail only has those little rocks that magically throw themselves into your shoe. So where to find proper rocks?  Luckily, while going to buy puppy food I saw/remembered that parking lots have those rock island things.  After kicking a small colony of discarded cigarette butts out of the way I found a pair of rocks that I thought would be good for the job and brought them home.

I’m not really crafty in the slightest so I wasn’t prepared to do any painting.  I have no paint, no brushes, no what ever else you need to paint.  But what I did have was a crap ton of nail polish.  So ridiculous as it was, I broke out my China Glaze, Revlon, Chanel, etc. polishes to paint on rocks.  I thought about using my dotting tool, but then thought that the rock might do something weird to the surface of the metal.  Instead I bent a paperclip and used that.

First Garden Markers

I’m sure they look really childish, but I’m proud of how they turned out.  I’ve never painted anything before, so I think they look quite good.  Although they may be a bit small for my garden, I think they will look nice.  Now I just need to figure out how to make the paint weather resistant.  I’m guessing a top coat isn’t the thing. :{

I need to find some more rocks to do the rest of the vegetables that a plan to have.  But after all the silly rock painting, comes the hard part of my garden adventure: making a raised bed garden.  I have to wait at least two more weeks until I can do that.  The snow is still melting here, and the soil in my yard is liquidy at the moment.