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G-8: Graduation Minus 8 Days

Living in Lugano means that you live every day looking up at mountains, and every night looking at their blinking lights.  I have lived here for four years and–until today–had never climbed a single one.  Not really surprizing if you know me.  I don’t enjoy doing things that require a lot of energy, or being away from the internet for to long.  So mountain hikes?  Not really my thing.

All this said, much like leaving without jumping from Valle Verzaca, I thought it would be inexcusable for me not to climb one of Lugano’s mountains.  So with really only one weekend left before graduation, and nice weather, I kept my promise to Pauli and Greg and today we hiked Monte Boglia.

We left Airone at 09:10 and headed down to the train station to take TPL bus #2 to Lanchetta, then transfer and take TPL bus #12 to Brè Paese.  At about 10:30 we started our climb up Monte Boglia.

I haven’t really ever done this sort of thing before.  I have climbed Flattop in Anchorage,  but that was years ago and I don’t remember it being difficult at all.  Boglia, on the other hand, was quite hard for me.  It took a total of 4hrs for me to do a 3hrs hike.  And yes, I did get stuck in a tree for a while, but I was slower than everyone else.  I appreciate Pauli and Greg for being patient enough to wait and pause for me.  If they hadn’t been there I would have given up on the entire endeavor early on.

At 14:30 we broke out of the forest and made it up to the 1,516 meters high tippy top.  The view was beautiful.  We could see all of Lugano, Gandra, and other neighboring cities that we didn’t know the names to.  It would have been perfect had we brought a picnic with us, but we forced our hungry stomachs to be quiet so that our eyes could enjoy the view.

Up top there is nothing but three benches, a cross, and a whole lot of flies.  We stayed a bit, enough to take a couple of photos, and then headed back down at 15:00.  The climb down was a lot easier to manage, and a lot quicker.  Only about 1.5hrs.  But it was not better for our legs.  I have blisters on my big toes to prove it.

Finally out of the forest, we waited at the bus stop and eventually made it back to civilization. Exhausted. Starving.

We inhaled some food at a nearby restaurant and now we are home.  Originally, I thought that this adventure was only going to take half a day, and that I would have time to work on my thesis or study for finals.  But we just came back and are too tired to do much of anything.  I started editing the vlog, and Pauli and I watched the new TBBT episode.  Our muscles ache and I can’t walk properly because of my dumb toe blisters.  I’m afraid of what we are going to feel like in the morning.